Kinchaku provides customer management and operational efficiency through the use of digital passes. Our services streamline the complex tasks traditionally handled with paper or plastic cards. Discover the capabilities of our state-of-the-art technology and unleash the complete potential of your business.


Pass Lineup

You can issue various types of passes to encourage customer visits, which leads to acquiring repeat customers and creating loyal customers. Digital passes eliminate loss concerns, because they can be easily stored on smartphones

Booking Pass

Can be utilized for purposes such as booking a stylist at a beauty salon or reserving rental items at a campsite.

Boarding Pass

Issue and sell digital passes for one-way or round trips from Station X to Station Y on the Z line. You can issue tickets for one-way or round trips even for services like cable cars or lifts that have only a single start and end station. Additionally, you can issue tickets that allow unlimited boarding and alighting within a specified period and on designated routes.

Admission Ticket

Issue digital tickets for events, facilities and other purposes. The tickets can be distributed for free or sold at a cost, depending on whether a reservation is required or not.

Subscription Pass

Subscribe your customers to free or paid recurring services or products. Suitable for in-person lessons, or fitness training courses etc.

Store Punch Card

Offer your customers digital punch cards,  creating a standout loyalty program accessible worldwide.デジタルスタンプカードのプロジェクトタイプです。QRコードやURLを使いオンラインもしくはオフラインで配布可能です。

Membership Pass

Build relation, add points and engage your customers via digital membership cards.


Effectively promote your products or services by offering an attractive percentage or specific amount discount on the regular price.


Voucher pass enhances customer loyalty and encourages repeat visits. By providing appealing benefits such as services or complimentary products, you can motivate customers to return

Feature List

If you're in the MICE industry, retail, food and beverage, or any service sector, we've got a whole bunch of special features just for your store and facility operations. We're all about helping you win over your customers' hearts in the most awesome way!



Booking feature enables advance online reservations, offering convenience and ensuring all bookings are captured, even outside business hours.
This feature not only enhances your service availability but also significantly boosts your sales, keeping you ahead in the game.



You can seamlessly integrate your Kinchaku workspace with payment systems like Stripe and Square.
For example, by connecting with Square, you get the convenient advantage of managing all your sales, both online and offline, from one central place.


Pass Distribution

Kinchaku offers the flexibility to share and sell passes not just in person, but also online.
Thanks to the magic of QR codes and URLs, you can easily spread the word and get those passes out there through social media or even with eye-catching displays right in your store. It’s super convenient and opens up so many possibilities for reaching out to your audience.



This feature enhances security by enabling identity verification to prevent unauthorized use. It allows customers to upload a facial photo or identification document during the pass purchase process.



By triggering iBeacon signal, or specifying the date, and setting the location, notifications can be sent to users holding the wallet pass. (iOS only)


Venue Management

This feature comes in handy when you're operating multiple stores or utilizing a shared pass. It allows you to effortlessly track where and when your customers are making use of it. It's like having a bird's eye view of your customer's journey across your store chain.

Kinchaku Apps

Mobile app

With the KINCHAKU app on your smartphone or tablet, managing tickets with barcodes or QR codes becomes a breeze — whether it's issuing them in person, reading, or validating them. It's like having a magical tool right in your pocket that not only helps you validate passes you have issued with KINCHAKU, but also gives you a clear picture of how your customers are using their passes. This insight is a game-changer, paving the way for effective promotional activities, boosting repeat visits, and skyrocketing sales.

Moreover, the app also lets you issue stamps, use tickets, validate membership cards, and snap up discount coupons, all of which are set to make checkout times zoom by. It's all about upgrading the customer experience to something more digital and seamless, making your store operations as smooth as silk!

Stera app

We are offering the KINCHAKU app to businesses using Stera payment terminal, to streamline complex operations in physical stores.
By installing the KINCHAKU app from the "Stera Market," you can use a single Stera device for the sale and distribution of digital passes, store management functions, and report analysis. Using Stera not only allows for the issuance of digital passes but also enables the printing of tickets on the terminal's roll paper, making it accessible even to those without smartphones.

(Available in Japan only)

Tance app

KINCHAKU provides an app that can be installed on the "JT-VT10/JT-VC10" terminals, capable of handling multi-payment options. The can be downloaded from "Tance mall".
Merchants who utilize the KINCHAKU app can operate the distribution, sale, and scanning of issued wallet passes with just one device. This supports the streamlining of operations in physical stores. Additionally, headquarters can manage each store's pass sales and usage, leading to expectations of smarter store operations.

(Available in Japan only)

Unlock boundless business potential with digital passes and drive revenue growth!